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Finance Assignment Help, Finance Experts

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Finance homework help

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Topics for Finance Assignment help
  • Time Value of Money: Single Cash Flows, Multiple Cash flows , Cash Flow Estimation , Bonds , Stocks, Risk, Risk & Return, Valuation, Financial Management, Governance and Financial System , Financial Statement Analysis , Risk and Return , Cost of Capital , Capital Structure Decision , Valuation ,  Market Efficiency , Dividend Policy , Derivatives , Corporate Risk Management.
  • Working Capital Management , Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Failure , Venture Capital and Private Equity , International Corporate Finance, Introduction to Corporate Financial Management, Analysis of Financial Statements,  Payments, Cash Flows, Compounding Effects, Bonds , Capital Budgeting Methods.
  • NPV Profiles and using the IRR, Estimating Cash Flows, Working Capital Management, Financial services industry in its European , retail consumer , legal concepts , regulation of financial services, financial regulators, Principles and rules as set out in the regulatory framework, Regulatory advice framework for the consumer, range of skills required.
  • Financial regulators, Code of Ethics and professional standards , Outcomes that distinguish between ethical, Finance and investments, Practice of financial markets, Present value.

Few Topics Covered by Online Finance Experts :

  • Risk and Rates of Return, Bonds and Their Valuation, Stocks and Their Valuation,  Basics of Capital Budgeting, Financial Statements, Cash and TAXES, Analysis of Financial Statements , Working Capital Management , Corporate Finance , Capital market efficiency., Capital structure, Cost of Capita.
  • Capital budgeting with corporate taxes, Multiples and leverage., Equity Risk Premium, Valuation, Recapitalizations and Leveraged Buyout, Payout policy, Financial statements and cash flow , Time value of money , Security valuation , Long-term financial planning, Cost of capital and capital structure.
  • Dividend policy , Short-term financial planning and management, Diversification, Trade-off between risk and return, Market efficiency, Pricing of stocks , Bonds, Capital asset pricing model , Term structure of interest rates, Principle of arbitrage, Derivative securities , Use of derivatives for hedging, Real options, Risk management, Pension fund investment, Rate of return regulation, Hedge fund strategies, Currency risk management, Weather micro-insurance, Privatization, Deposit insurance, Subprime crisis.
  • Principles of Finance :financial markets and institutions, analysis of securities and investigation of financial management techniques.
  • Fundamentals of Finance:Role of finance in management of the firm;
  • Debt Securities Analysis :Analysis of corporate, government, and mortgage-based debt securities.Emphasis on securitization of asset-backed obligations.
  • Introduction to Financial Planning,Personal financial planning ,budgeting, tax planning, credit management, investing, retirement, and estate planning.
  • Principles of Investments:Modern investment theory with applications in the debt and equity markets, portfolio management.
  • Financial Management-Theory and Application.
  • Estate Planning:Methods for conservation and transfer of wealth, considering aspects of tax, trusts, wills, probate, advanced directives, and charitable giving
  • Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning:Design, financing, accounting, and taxation for employee benefit and retirement plans.
  • Financial Statistics:Probability and statistical concepts and quantitative tools used in financial modeling and decision-making.
  • Financial Management and Markets:Integrated coverage of financial management, investments, markets and institutions from the public, private, and nonprofit perspective.
  • Debt Securities Analysis:Valuation of corporate, government, and mortgage-backed debt securities ,strategies for management of debt security portfolios.
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital :Role and function of the private equity market and key players in that market, crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture capitalists.
  • Advanced Portfolio Management :Portfolio management,asset allocation,asset selection theory and techniques
  • Risk Management Theory and Application :Fundamentals of financial risk management using quantitative techniques ,models to identify, measure, and manage corporate risk.Valuation: Valuing Companies.
  • Cost of capital estimation,value of franking credits,market risk premium,marginal tax rates,beta estimation,credit ratings,default premiums,optimal capital structure.
Few Topics are:
  • Financial Modelling and Research Methods
  • Corporate Finance and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Portfolio Theory and Investment Banking
  • Financial Accounting and Financial Management
  • Market-based Accounting
  • International Money and Finance
  • Fixed Income Analysis
Complex Topics are:
  • planning and financial instruments
  • administrative processes and planning
  • Planning and Municipal Acts
  • official plans
  • plan amendments
  • zoning bylaws
  • mill rates, capital works, and debentures
  • Municipal budgets and accounting
  • financing

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