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Chemistry Assignment help, Chemistry Experts

Getting online help for Chemistry assignments was never so easy as our Chemistry experts offer instant & 24*7 sessions in order to assist students with complex problems & Chemistry Assignment help. Send assignment at or else upload it.
 Chemistry homework help
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Topics in Chemistry Assignment help : 

  • Matter and Energy Introduction to Thermochemistry ,Atoms, Ions, and Molecules ,Atomic Structure ,Chemical Bonding ,Bonding Theories ,Intermolecular Forces Stoichiometry: Mass ,Aqueous Solutions, Properties of Gases,Covalent Bonding, Shapes of Molecules Alkanes,Acids and Bases,Reaction of Alkenes,Haloalkanes, Halogenation, Free Radical Reactions Nucleophilic Substitution and β-Elimination,Alcohols,Ethers and Epoxides,particulate nature of matter Criteria of purity Methods of purification Atoms, elements and compounds Atomic structure. 
  • Periodic Table Bonding: the structure of matter Ions and ionic bonds Molecules and covalent bonds Macromolecules Metallic bonding mole concept Electricity and chemistry *Chemical energetics *Energetics of a reaction *Energy transfer *Chemical reactions *Physical and chemical changes 
  • *Rate (speed) of reaction *Reversible reactions *Redox *Acids, bases and salts *properties of acids and bases *Types of oxides *Preparation of salts *Identification of ions and gases Syllabus content at a glance *Periodic trends *Group properties *Transition elements * Noble gases *Metals *Nitrogen and fertilisers *Carbon dioxide and methane *Sulfur *Carbonates *Organic chemistry *Fuels *Homologous series *Polymers *Synthetic polymers *Natural polymers
  • Atoms,ions and molecules,periodic table and periodicity,atomic structure,electron configurations,Chemical boinding ,non-covalent interactions,Resonance and aromatics,stereochemistry and chirality,Functional group recognition and properties.,Equilibria, pH and buffers,thermodynamics,Oxidation and reduction,reaction rates.
  • Plants and processes,plant engineers,Chemistry components,Carbonyl Chemistry,industrial Organic Chemistry,Organometallic Chemistry ,Quantum Theory,Reaction Kinetics,Spectroscopy
  • stoichiometry, gases,, liquids and solids, chemical equilibria,, thermodynamics, kinetics,, nuclear chemistry,electrochemistry.,redox reactions,thermochemistry,organic chemistry,chemical bonding,modern atomic theory,,atomic structure,shapes of molecules, intermolecular forces, electrochemistry,,solids and phase changes.
Few Topics are:
  • Potentials in Diatomic Spectra
  • Engergies, Intensities
  • Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry
  • Electronic Structure of Solids
  • Spectroscopic Det Intermolecular
  • Molecular Dynamics 
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Spin-based QI Processing
  • Quantum Molecular Dynamics
  • Molecular Modelling
  • Qubits w Semiconductor & Spins
  • Spin-Based Quantum Info
  • Adv Electronic Structure Theory
  • intermolecular force
  • density matrices
  • configuration interaction
  • correlation energies of open and closed shell systems
  • kinetic theory and gas transport properties
  • theory of the chemical bond

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