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Cell Biology Assignment help, Cell Biology Experts

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Cell biology

Cell biology is the part of all living thing and processes by the functioning of the cells interact with the other cells. Each cell store their own set of instructions and carru out all the activities. It is divided into two types of cells, eukaryotic cells(multicellular organisms), prokaryotic cells(singletons). Some examples are used in cell biology- bacteria, nerve cell, plant stem, red blood cell, etc. It is the smallest unit of the living organisms responsible for all gthe structure and logical functions Features- surrounded by the cell membrane, Contain DNA-genetic material and contain cytoplasm. Functions- Freezing properties, High latent heat of fusion, High latent heat of evaporation, high specific heat capacity, high transparency, high polarity and inciompressibility. Techniques- => Cell / Tissue Culture => Microscopy => Electron Microscopy => Fluorescence Microscopy => Immunofluorescence => RNA Interference => Timelapse Microscopy Conclusion- Cell biology allowed for viewing the cells. It is particularly define the various diseases and illness associated with malfunctioning.

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Few topics Covered by Online Cell Biology experts :
  • Technical Aspects and Approaches , Protein Synthesis & Transport into Organelles, Vesicular Traffic, Exocytosis & Endocytosis, Mitosis & Molecular Regulation of the Cell Cycle
  • Cytoskeleton and the Cell Surface , Microtubules and Mitosis, Intermediate filaments , Actin and Myosin , Muscle Contraction & Cell Motility, Cell Junctions, Cell Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix ,
  • Membrane Function and Signal Transduction , Structure, Composition and Properties of Biological Membranes, Membrane Proteins and Transport, Cell Signalling & Signal Transduction
  • Logic and Approaches, Protein Basics, Enzyme kinetics, Cellular Compartmentalization & Membrane Structure , Nascent Proteins & Secretory Pathway, Targeting and Transport Outside the Secretory Pathway
  • Endoplasmic reticulum: quality control, processing, and exit, Secretory pathway, Membrane fusion, Endocytic pathways, Cell migration and actin-based motility , Microtubules, Dynamics of cellular polymers
  •  Intermediate filaments, Membrane Transport, Receptor-gated Channels , Cell Junctions, Epithelial Cell Biology, Cell Polarity , Voltage-gated Channels , Proteomics, Signaling throughout Evolution
Cell Biology includes
  • Signal Transduction by G proteins , Ras and Receptor Tyrosine Kinases, Signal Transduction in Human Disease , Cell Cycle II , Cancer Cell Biology , Stem Cell Biology , Extracellular Matrix
  • Cell-matrix Interactions , Ubiquitin-proteasome protein degradation , Apoptosis , Protein Structure and Dynamics , Structural Biology: X-ray Crystallography, Protein Structure and Function
  • Membranes,Membranes and Cell Architecture,Membrane Transport,Cellular Energetics,Membrane Trafficking,Vesicular Traffic, Secretion, and Endocytosis,Metabolism and Movement of Lipids
  • cell biology mechanisms,Biological macromolecules and membrane structure,Mitochondria, metabolism and energy production, Cytoplasmic membrane systems
  • cytoskeleton and cell motility,Nucleus structure and function,Cell signalling and signal transduction: Communication between cells, Cellular reproduction, Large biological molecules,
  • Chromosomes ,DNA replication ,Gene expression, Cell Signaling ,Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors ,Receptor Tyrosine Kinases,G-protein Coupled Receptors ,Ion Transport and Calcium
  • Vesicle Transport and Endocytosis,Cell polarity,Cell-cell junctions, Cell adhesion, Neurons, Astrocytes, Oligodendrocytes, Lissencephaly, Ependymal Cells, Membrane Channels, Endocytosis, Exocytosis,
  • Gaucher Disease,Cilia structure and function,Stem cells- Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Cell's dynamic architecture
  • dynamic nature of cells,metabolic processes,metabolic pathways,energy harvesting systems in cells,proteins molecules.
  • membrane structure and function ,  membrane transport mechanisms ,small molecules and ions, cytoplasmic organization , intracellular targeting 
  • membrane trafficking , cytoskeleton and nuclear organization ,cell function and behaviour.sorting of proteins ,
  •  cell-cell adhesion ,mechanisms of cellular communication , signal transduction , cell motility and morphology , regulation of the cell cycle ,cell differentiation.
Few Topics are:
  • cell structure and function at the cellular, subcellular, and molecular levels
  • molecular components of cells
  • membranes, membrane-bound organelles
  •  microtubular and cytoskeletal components and principles of bioenergetics
Complex Topics are:
  • the structural organization of the cell
  • function of critical molecular processes
  • living organisms

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