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Architecture Engineering Assignment help, Architecture Engineering homework help

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Architecture deals with the look and other artistic aspects of designing a building. An architect designs building, monuments, bridges and many other things. It deals with the aesthetics of the construction and making the floor plans of building and designing the shape of the building. It is the science of designing the buildings and the other physical structure. It focuses on the mathematical aspects of a building. It is drafting and designing services are consider the more sections of architectural engineering. Features- Performance, security, safety, avalability, maintainability. Services - Architctural lighting - Cost estimation - 3D modeling - Space plan CAD drawing - Architectural layout and landscape architecture. Process- 1- Creation 2- Derivation 3- Analysis 4- Elaboration Personal skills required for pursuing Architectural Engineering - Creative skills - Imaginative skills - Analytical skills - Communication Skills - Problem solving skills


Architecture Engineering homework help

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  • Engineering Analysis
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  • Environmental Fluid and Geomechanics
  • Materials and Construction
  • Structures and Design
  • Western Architecture
  • Hydraulics and Soil Mechanics
  • Professional Studies and Construction
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Construction and Construction Management
  • Integrated Building Design
  • Architectural Engineering Design Studio   
  • Tensile Structures    
  • Structural Analysis    
  • Geotechnical Engineering    
  • Structural Design Studies

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