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Applied Math Assignment help | Applied Math Homework Help

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Applied Math Homework help

Get the instant help for Applied Math homework . Schedule an expert for the sessions & any other assistance,Our Applied Math homework help tutors offer 24*7 homework assistance with Applied Math coursework.

Applied mathematics helps to solve problems in various areas of mathematics e.g.  science, engineering or other diverse areas, and/or the development of new or improved methods. Various applications such as,physical and biological sciences, engineering, and social sciences arises various problems. To  solve such problems,the knowledge of various branches of mathematics, such as analysis, differential equations, and stochastic, utilizing analytical and numerical methods are required.Applied Mathematics supports research in any area of mathematics except probability for statistics.

Applied Mathematics include partial differential equations modeling natural phenomena or arising from problems in science and engineering; continuum mechanics; reaction- diffusion and wave propagation; dynamical systems; asymptotic methods; numerical analysis; variation methods; control theory; optimization theory; inverse problems; mathematics of biological or geological sciences; and mathematical physics.

Optimization is the study of problems to minimize or maximize a real function.

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Topics for Applied Math Assignment help
  • Constructing mathematical models to solve different types of word problems., Quadratic equations , Linear Inequalities , Polynomial and Rational Inequalities., Graphs of equations. Distance and midpoint formulae., Slope and equation of lines., Difference quotients., A library of functions. Graph of piecewise functions., Transformation of functions and graphs with multiple transformations., Combining functions. Composite functions., Inverse function. The horizontal line test., identifying inverses., Quadratic functions., Polynomial functions. Graphing polynomials., Graphs of relations and functions, including piecewise functions. Theorems of polynomials., Zeros of a polynomial.
  • Rational functions and their graphs., Exponential functions , Logarithmic function , Change of base formula. exponential and logarithmic equations. Trigonometric functions of an angle, Graphs of the sine and cosine functions with multiple transformations. Inverse trigonometric functions Assignment Help Trigonometric identities and equations.
  • Trigonometric equations ,  Sum and difference identities , Vectors, Systems of linear equations in two variables and their applications in solving, word problems., Partial fraction decomposition., Graphing inequalities in rectangular coordinate systems. Graphing and solving, Systems of linear and nonlinear inequalities., Systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities Conic sections. Maths parabola and sideways parabolas.
  • Applied Maths ellipse and its graph., The hyperbola and its graph., Maths Parametric equations , Maths graphs. Mathematics equations., Applied Maths sequences and series., Arithmetic sequences. Partial sums., Geometric sequences and series.
  • Number Theory , Linear Algebra , Differential Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations. Functional Analysis, Combinatorial Topology, Abstract Algebra, Topics in Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Cryptography, Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Differential Geometry. Algebraic Geometry ,Manifolds, Real Function Theory, Complex Function Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Topology, Algebra, Number Theory 5, Probability .

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