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Power plant Assignment Help | Power plant homework help 

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Power plant-

Power plant is an area which is used to generate electricity. In Power plants electricity is generated with the help of generators. These generators uses some energy sources and then produce electricity. The energy source which is use to generate electricity can be renewable and non-renewable. The produced electricity is in form of Alternate current. There are two types of power plant conventional power plant and non-conventional power plant. Conventional power plants are those power plants in which electricity is produced by using the energy resources which is not renewable. Examples of conventional power plants, production of the electricity by burning of coal, generation of an electricity by using controlled nuclear reaction. While non-conventional power plants are those plants in which electricity is produced by the renewable energy resources. Example of conventional power plants are kinetic energy of wind is use to generate electricity, solar system which use sun radiations to generate electricity.

Power plant homework help

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