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Management homework help

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 The process of solving the  problem efficiently and effectively for achieving organizational goals with the limited use of resources is called management . It is not  only necessary to run the organization effectively but also essential in organized life. management is said to be the backbone of organization .management in life means getting things done properly in order to attain life's objectives whereas management in organization is management of things with and through people for achieiving the goals of the organization.  

Management the skills to manage things  and people is required .It is also called scieince as it based on some predifined principles and guidelines  but these are not static or rigid . The principles of management  are flexible.  The achievement of goals by working with the people and through the people  to minimize the use of resources effectively and effeciently is termed as management.

Its main focus is achieiving the organization goals as a whole .Planning ,influencing,organizing and controlling are the four main functions in the management. To decide what is to be done and how it is to be done is known as planning.

After planning when tasks are assigned that were decided during planning so it is known as organizing.the tasks are given according to there skills and experience. Thus we can say that mismanagement can be seen easily than management.

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  • Development of organisations and management,context or environment of an organization.
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  • Marketing and Organisational Behaviour
  • organisation's relation
  • internal and external environment
  • growth of Marketing and its role in management


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