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Environmental Engineering Assignment Help, Environmental Engineering homework help

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Environmental Engineering

  • water and wastewater treatment 
  • Stream assimilation and public health 
  • air pollution 
  •  solid waste management

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Topics for Environmental Engineering Assignment help

  • Air Pollution Control,Industrial and Photochemical Smog,Air Pollution Effects,Air Quality Standards,Air Pollution Measurements,Air Pollution Modeling,Properties of the Atmosphere ,Air Pollution Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Dynamics and Equations of Motion, Geostrophic Approximation, Atmospheric Stability, Temperature Inversions, Variation of Wind with Height, ecosystems.
  • Ecosystems like unit function of nature, Trophic structure, energy flow and biochemical cycles, Nature resources and their classification, Technical aspects of environment, Air, water and soil pollution , Characterization of waste management.
  • Natural factors of threat of build, Indefinitely sustainable expansion, its principles, criteria and indexes, Influence of anthropogenic activity on ecosystem , Environment law , Ranking building influence and activity to environment.
  • Environmental Ethics,Mass Balance ,Natural Environmental Systems,Survey on professional ethics,water resources engineering,Water chemistry fundamentals,Water Treatment and Water Pollution,Membrane filtration,Wastewater Treatment Technologies,Air Pollution & Control,Noise Pollution & Control.
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Management,,Fluid and continuum,Types of fluid flows,Potential Flow,environmental chemistry,microbiology,Chemistry of water and waste water,Chemistry of the air environment,Environmental Microbiology,Pure and mixed cultures,Classification of Pollutants,Physical Treatment Principles.
  • Chemical Treatment Principles,Biological Treatment Principles,Sludge Treatment and Disposal,Biological Systems,Microbiology of Environment,Chemistry of Aquatics,Chemistry of Atmosphere,Characteristics of water,Filtration,Adsorption,Water Supply Engineering,Conveyance of water,Air pollution.
  • Air pollution chemistry,Ambient air quality and standards,air pollution control,Control of gaseous contaminants,Global Navigation Satellite System,,Environmental Ethics,Environmental Impact Statements,Water Resources; Water Pollutants ,Surface Water Quality; ,Effects of Wastes on Rivers.
  • Exponential Growth; Resource Consumption ,Population Growth; Human Population Growth,Environmental Chemistry: Units; Stoichiometry,Oxidation Reactions (CBOD NBOD ThOD),Chemical Equilibria: Acid-Base Reactions,Solubility,Carbonate System & Alkalinity,Mass Balances ,Water quality standards.
  • SDWA,Water Treatment (WT):Coagulation; Flocculation ,Water Chemistry & Mass Balances ,Sedimentation,Filtration ,Wastewater characteristics,CWA,wastewater treatment (WWT),Physical Processes ,Biological Processes ,Sludge treatment and disposal ,Advanced WWT Nutrient removal Disinfection.
  • Eco-Machines Handout,Hazardous Waste –Superfund; RCRA,Geohydrology & Contaminant Transport .,Hazardous Waste Treatment & Remediation,solid waste management,Green Design,Recycling,LEED Rating System for Green Building Design,Material & Energy Balance ,Reaction Kinetics & Thermodynamics.
  • Water Treatment ,Softening & Sedimentation ,Filtration & Ion Exchange ,Wastewater Collection & Management ,Biological Treatment ,Tertiary Treatment ,Sludge Reduction.

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