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Economics Assignment help | Economics Online Experts

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Economics is that branch of social studies which deals with utilization of resource in a proper way. it deals with how production, distribution and consuption of goods and services. Macroeconomics It is the branch of economics that deals with the trade etc in large level. Microeconomics The branch of economics that focuses on the small scale or low level firms. Micro is small and macro is large Micro applies to internal issues and macro applies to external. Micro concerned with single economic variables such as demand price, consumers etc Macroeconomics concerned with large industries and deals with large capital.\ Our country economy plays vital role in our lifestyle. Economy does’nt mean that it only effect macro or large scale, it effects large scale too with a great extent. Risc factor can be controlled by the economic utilization. It will control the scarce condition in nature.

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Topics for Economics Assignment help
  • Econometric Basics, Budgetary Process, Externalities & Corrective Taxation, Public Goods, Voting, State & Local Expenditures, Education, Social Security, Introduction, The economic rationale for government, Externalities, Externality theory, Public goods,
  • Efficient provision of public goods, Private provision of public goods, Public provision of public goods, Education, Rationale for government intervention, Free public education vs. educational vouchers, Social Insurance, The role of insurance, Asymmetric information and adverse selection, role of social insurance, Empirical evidence, Welfare programs 
  • Economic Exchange, Trade and Efficiency, Economic growth and its proximate determinants: Growth Accounting , Resource Allocation and Household Productivity.
  • Industrial Revolutions and Their Spread , Global Economy and Development Human Capital: Returns to Education
  • Financial Capital: Returns to Capital and Financial Access , Savings Accumulation , Learning and Market Failures , Growth Diagnostics: Market Failures Nodes , Productivity Growth.
  • Microeconomics Tools, Market Structure , Market Power, MonopolyCatch up, Game Theory ,Oligopoly Markets, Price Competition, Dynamic Games , Price Fixing Homework Help Horizontal Mergers, Vertical Relationships
  • Theory of national income, inflation, growth, debt, and public policy.Poverty and the Welfare State,Description and analysis of US poverty;Money and Banking Monetary theory and policy
  • Economics of Public Finance,Impact of taxes, government expenditures on allocation of resources, distribution of income; evaluation of government expenditure program, tax policies. Econometrics:Estimating statistical regression models of economic relationships. Economics of Natural Resources.
  •  Comparative Economic Systems:Place of the economy in different societies; nature and evolution of capitalism; crisis of command economies and capitalist restoration. Macroeconomic Policy:Alternative macroeconomic policies, policy coordination; application to current macroeconomic problems, policies, proposals. Labor Economics:Capital/labor relationship; supply, demand of labor;wage determination; role of unions; unemployment and instability.
  • Economics of International Trade and Policy,Theory of international trade; payments, commercial policies, and economic integration. Economics of International Finance and Policy:Balance of payments, adjustment mechanisms, international monetary systems.
  • GDP, monetary and fiscal policy ,global economy , strategic interaction , market structure

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