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Computer Network Assignment Help, Computer Network homework help

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 Computer Network:

Computer network is a combination of computers connected together with the sharing network. They are commonly connected together with the internet to get access with the printer, scanner etc. We use different topologies to connect the system for file sharing... namely bus, ring, star, mesh etc. They are categorized into different networks namely, LAN, WAN, PAN, MAN. Inter-networking: it is defined as collection of computer network LAN, MAN are connected using devices. they are used for local addressing scheme. there are two types namely: Extranet and Intranet. Extranet network based on the internet protocols such as Transmission control protocol and another is internet protocol. Intranet also performs same operations but it does not require login credentials. It is mainly used for communication, Time-saving, collaboration, platform independency, cost effective and it is used for error detection, correction, routing, switching and also different algorithms like routing and switching in computer Network:

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Few Topics Covered by Online Computer Network Experts :
  • Protocol Stacks and Layering, System Design, Application Layer, version control , Sockets programming Assignment Help Physical Layer Homework Help Link Layer Assignment Help Danwent Makefiles Files used in Andrew unix, Switching & Flow Control , Ethernet , Design: Modularity and Testability , 
  • IP forwarding & addressing , IP Packets & Routers Assignment Help. IRC server Debugging, Routing: RIP & OSPF , Multicast , Automation , Ruby, Routing: BGP , DNS , IPv6, tunneling, NAT, VPN, Virtual circuits, ATM, MPLS , Transport, Animations, TCP & Congestion Control , CDNs + Caching
  • Congestion Control Router queueing and QoS , P2P  QoS & Mobile (IP & TCP) Cryptography, and SSL , DoS, bittorrent optimizations, Wireless neworks, ad-hoc wireless, and sensor networks , Networking Futures.
  • Network-related security threats and solutions,private- and public-key encryptions,authentication,digital signatures,Internet Protocol security architecture (IPSEC),firewalls,network management,email and web security.
Few Topics are:


  • Internet connectivity, LTE, TCP, WWW, HTTP
  • computer networks
  • wireless and mobile networks
  • Internet of Things, 5-G and software defined networking
  • physical layer and coding (CDMA, OFDM)
  • data link protocol; flow control, congestion control
  • routing; local area networks (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • transport layer; cellular (LTE) and 5-G networks



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