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Biochemistry Assignment Help | Biochemistry Homework Help

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Biochemistry Homework help



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From the structure, function and dynamics of molecular machines to the complex regulation of metabolic pathways and biological processes, Biochemists study the extraordinary molecules that are produced and utilized by the living systems.

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Few Topics Covered by Online Biochemistry Experts :

  • Structure & membrane fluidity , Lipid synthesis, transport, & distribution , Mobility of lipids and proteins in membrane, Secreted & compartmentalized proteins
  • Protein translocation into and across bilayers, Protein processing in the ER&Golgi, Control of traffic through the constitutive secretory pathway, Integral membrane proteins
  •  Common features, membrane insertion & topology, methods of study , Transporters,Ion Channels, Lipid modification of proteins.
  • Glycophosphatidylinositol anchor, Myristoylation,prenylation, Palmitoylation,modification and lipid raft localization, Integral membrane protein receptors
  • membrane recruitment of proteins , Molecular Interactions in a Biological Context, Acid/Base Chemistry and the Limits of Biological , Amino Acids: The Building Blocks and The Three Dimensional Structure of Proteins
  • Enzymes: Catalyst of Biological Life, Enzyme Kinetics: Measuring and Comparing , Enzyme’s Abilities, Ligand Binding, Allostery, and Cooperativity, Membrane Proteins and Transport
  • Bioenergetics and Metabolic Themes, Carbohydrate Metabolism, Metabolic Control, Citric Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Water, ph, and ion equilibria, Thermodynamics
  • Transition State , Stabilization , Enzymes: Kinetics , Enzyme regulation, Carbohydrates , Lipids , Overview of metabolism , Nutrition/vitamins & glycolysis , Glycolysis , TCA and glyoxylate cycles
  • Electron transport/oxidative metabolism , Photosynthesis , Gluconeogenesis , Glycogen metabolism , Pentose phosphate shunt , Lipid metabolism, Cholesterol & hormones, Bile
  • steroids and nuclear receptors , Nitrogen assimilation & metabolism, Amino acid metabolism, Composition of DNA and RNA, DNA and chromosomes, Rules of DNA replication
  • DNA polymerases, Replication fork, RNA replication, Mutations; mutagenesis , Bacterial transcription: initiation, Elongation, and termination, Transcriptional regulation
  •  Eukaryotic promoters, enhancers, and , Response elements, RNA processing in eukaryotes , Structural motifs, Genetic code; trnas and trna , Synthetases, Protein synthesis
Biochemistry includes:
  •  ribosome structure, Mechanism of protein synthesis , Protein folding and translocation, Protein degradation, Water; acid/base/ph; buffers, Amino acids, Peptides, proteins and their synthesis
  • Three-dimensional structure of proteins, Protein purification and characterization techniques, Folding and disease; protein function, Enzymes, Behavior of proteins: enzymes, Behavior of proteins: enzymes,Mechanisms, and control, Lipids and membranes, Sugars, Molecular biology, Nucleic acid structure, Dna replication and dna repair, Rna synthesis and transcription
  •  Protein synthesis, Biotechnology, Molecular principles of life, Chemical basis of life;, Hydrogen bonds, Aqueous chemistry, Protein structure, Analyzing protein structure
  •  Myoglobin and hemoglobin, Structural and motor proteins;, Features of enzymes, Catalytic chemistry; Properties and features of enzymes, Enzyme kinetics, Michaelis-menten kinetics
  •  Enzyme inhibition and allostery, Lipids & membranes, Membrane transport, Biochemistry basics and enzymology, Cellular communication, Central dogma – dna structure and synthesis
  •  Transcription and translation, Gene regulation and diagnostic evaluation, Inheritance of amino acid disorders, Generation of energy, Carbohydrate metabolism, Alternative glucose metabolism
  •  rbc, Digestion, circulation and synthesis of lipids, Cholesterol synthesis and lipoprotein metabolism, Maintenance of blood glucose, Protein digestion and the urea cycle
  • Fasted state and metabolic acidosis, Additional hormones that impact metabolism.
Topics include in Biochemistry:
  • Basics of Biochemistry :Structure and function of biological molecules; biocatalysis; metabolism and energy transduction;gene expression. Comprehensive Biochemistry:Macromolecular structure and dynamics; membranes; enzymes; bioenergetics.Metabolic pathways and their regulation;cellular biochemistry.
  • Physical Biochemistry: Thermodynamics; reaction rates; quantum chemistry; spectroscopy; macromolecular; ligand binding; enzyme kinetics; membranes. Structural Biology :Structural principles of biological macromolecules techniques of structural analysis,Principles of Macromolecular Structure; Physical interactions controlling foldingEnzymology :Kinetic methods, mechanism, and regulation of enzyme catalysis, Quantitative Biochemistry ;error analysis;curve fitting of biochemical data.
  • Biochem,Thermodynamics,Water ,Acids and Bases,Buffers,Amino Acids ,Peptide Bond,Protein Structure,Hemoglobin,Antibodies and TFs,Enzyme catalysis and kinetics Enzyme Mechanisms,Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids,Glycobiology and Lipids,Transport Across Membranes. Model Protocell,Signal Transduction,Biosynthesis of Catecholamines,Metabolism ,Glycolysis , Gluconeogenesis, Modern Biochemistry, Drug Discovery
  • nucleic acids ,enzymology ,coenzymes, nomenclature ,enzymatic control ,biochemical reactions ,glycolysis , the citric acid cycle
  • oxidative phosphorylation ,genes,  chromosomes,  DNA, RNA, protein synthesis

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